Creative commons electronic music

These electronic tracks were published and can be used under the creative commons licence . Feel free to listen to the electronic music I recorded and like, share or just tell me what you think of it.

Creative Commons Track – ambient

Firstly this is a creative commons track that got quite popular on soundcloud (I seriously don’t know why :))

I recorded this one a long time a go. It was supposed to be a christmas present for a friend. You can download this one for free here.

Creative Commons Track – voice

A song I recorded with the voice of a good friend of mine. Especially nice if you are looking for great vocals and a strange atmosphere 😉

You can soon download this track here – stay tuned.

Creative Commons Track – experimental

Some experiments I made using my piano turned out to get more and more into the electronic music direction. This track especially was quite a lot of work – mixing classical and electronic music elements turns out to be really hard in the mixing and mastering phase.

I will upload it here as soon as possible.

Most of the tracks were recorded in my home studio using a wide range of VST and samples. If you are interested in using my music for a video, a remix or anything else I can’t think of just contact me and I am sure I

Why do I publish my songs under the creative commons licence?

Because it’s great to see people using music too support their art.

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